Friday, February 24, 2012


Aidan asked me the first question I couldn't give him the answer to the other day.

"Daddy, what does M&Ms stand for?"


Aidan took his first kicks towards independence in the water the other day. We've been to swimming classes - or singing and splashing classes - for a while now and even though he loves the experience he's always been pretty happy clinging to me while we float around and sing Grand old Duke of York.

But last Monday he happily put the waistband floats on and didn't shake off the spaghetti noodle float when I put it under his arms. He even started kicking away from me when he sensed he wouldn't sink.

He's always loved hooks and when he found one at the side of the pool he swam to it. I told him that there was probably on at the other side. Without hesitation he kicked off from the side and swam to the other. I asked him if he wanted my help but the reply was indignant, "I do it on my own, by self, daddy."

A few thoughts from mum

The other day, Aidan found the baby doll I bought for him a long time ago when I was concerned about the number of 'boy toys' he had.  He has never been interested until last night when he wanted to hold the baby in the rocking chair, he cuddled her in his blankies and put her in a basket to sleep. He held her and said in a sing songy voice, "I love you for-ever, I love you for-ever" He then woke up this morning shouting for me saying that baby was crying.  Will this be practice for the future? I hope so...

At music class Aidan was very excited to be in a big school. When the other kids arrived he asked 'what your names?' and 'what your color?' He was particularly excited to have the same favorite colors as the music teacher, blue and green. Pop goes the weasel was a popular one for him. 

'stakes. Lots of Mistakes are being made by mummy and daddy lately. Aidan will remind us. Mommy, you made a 'stake!' can be heard frequently. Sometimes I read only 2 books instead of 3 or didn't get him the 'right' pair of socks.  Perhaps I didn't put his scarf on just right.  He also likes to tell Mommy when Daddy makes 'stakes.  When does this shift to when Mommy and Daddy get lots of praise and encouragement? 

Ice skating - At first he just wanted to go on the ice with boots. When he realized it wasn't very 'sllippy' with boots on and he saw Daddy's ice skates he wanted them too. There was nothing but smiles and laughter then after. He did need a lot of support to keep vertical but didn't cry or get discouraged when he would fall.  Daddy did great too, no falls for him. Even with a little 3 year old was floppy around him! We saw a couple skating with their stroller on the ice. That will be us next year!! I can't wait to finally use my skates again! It has been since 2007 that I have been skating. And that was for my birthday at the Tower of London. The rink was a third of the size of Tenney Park. 

Super Kids!
I made super hero capes last weekend. I started with one for Aidan but then got carried away and made 5 others for other kids and a spare for Aidan. Bedtime stories have made a change from puppies, froggies and castles to SUPER KIDS! the stories all involve his friends from afar as well as his loyal cousins. His favorite story is one where there is an evil cape that Bella finds and everyone has to save Bella from the evil cape. 

'pew, pew' is the sound of Aidan's play shooting. He doesn't call it shooting though. He calls it 'pewing'.  'Mommy, can you play pewing wif me?'

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Roll with it

We painted the lounge on the weekend. We thought Aidan was going to be captivated by the TV. But he found a little brush ("an Aidy brush") and helped us. I do think he made less mess that the one holding the big brush.

Three to become four

I think most people know by now. We're going to be going back to the land of tiny onesies, burping and sleepless nights. Oh, and cuddles, coos and cuteness.

She's due on June 6, 2012 and we can't wait.

Yes, I said she.  We went to the 20 week ultrasound scan last Monday and were pointed to girl parts not boy's. Aidan was with us when we found out. He stared and stared and stared at the screen. And on the way home he couldn't stop talking about "the little baby inside mummy's tummy, a girl."  (Or Girrul, as he pronounces it).

If you're wondering why I haven't written about his before. Why the boy who couldn't stop blogging about his wife's first pregnancy has only just mentioned it now.  Well, there's a reason. Or a few really.

I'm a bit more exhausted when I come from home work these days and on the weekend.  And when there's time to write - like when Aidan's napping or asleep at night - there are other things that need doing.

Plus, we wanted to wait to tell everyone after the 20 week scan.  We did this with our first and just wanted to make sure everything was OK before we went overboard and got thoroughly-bloody-excited.  

But the real reason is that we were getting very excited around February.  We were expecting then, too. We went to the first scan but found out it was a blighted ovum. Things were growing but not the baby.  So it was a huge disappointment.  It was also a very scary time when Erin reacted badly to the medicine she had to take. I can safely say the night she was rushed to hospital was by far the worst of my life. And I didn't even have to endure the suffering she had to.

It knocked us both for six.  We're over it now, as much as you can be, and feel extremely lucky to be having another child on the way. And hopefully, having written this, putting it out there, there'll now be plenty more free flowing pages to come.