Tuesday, November 30, 2010

D.C. - Washington Zoo

On Sunday Fred, Erin, Aidan and I went to Washington Zoo. We got there around 10. Most of the animals weren't awake. The first animal we saw was the red panda - asleep. Next we went to see the elephants. But they didn't see to be about until we saw one throwing dust over itself - sunscreen for elephants, apparently - in the distance. Aidan did his elephant noises and it came out looking for him.

The pandas were next. Notorious for being lazy, we didn't hold much hope.

Aidan thought this was as much action he was going to see from a panda.

He tried to wake him by cuddling.

But finally he saw one, alive and eating. Mr. Panda even walked around and entertained a little.

We went into the Small Mammal House were the best show was put on. Tamarins and owls made Aidy laugh. But the naked mole-rats darting through the transparent tunnels were his favourite, even though the adults thought they were disgusting.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gingerbread house

When Fred and I returned from an evening of burritos, and a few cheeky ones at the Quarry House Tavern, us adults decorated a gingerbread house. Aidan didn't get to take part in the fun but he devoured the gingerbread man in the morning.

D.C. - Saturday

After the trip to Georgetown we walked to the White House. We saw where the West Wing gang shot the basketball episode. But not where Obama had his little accident.

The White House.

Aidan looking grumpy as he knows he might work here one day but he won't be President as he was born in the UK.

On a cold sunny day, we took in the monument tour with Washington, Lincoln and the Korean War memorial.

Aidan was heartbroken during the Vietnam War Memorial but I think it was more to do with being cold and tired rather than the emotion of the 58,000 names.

Georgetown Cupcake

Mmmmm. Cupcake.

We ummed and arred whether or not to go to get some Georgetown Cupcakes. They are hyped up to the max here and are supposed to be the best cupcakes ever. There's even a reality TV show about the place. The downside is that the store is tiny and people are usually queueing for over an hour to get in - to buy half a dozen. But when we happened to stroll by on Saturday morning the queue was minimal and we decided to get half a dozen.

Unfortunately, Fred isn't in the shot, nor managed to capture the Georgetown Cupcake bag in the photo.

Erin snapped it.
Here's our review:

Red Velvet - You'd understand why this is Georgetown Cupcake's biggest seller. Icing like cheesecake - in a good way. Unsure what the red colour of the cupcake is but it's a fluffy winner.

Double chocolate - If you like dark chocolate you'll like this. But it is very rich. A bit OTT.

Salted Caramel - Tasty, buttery icing but where was the salt?

Mint cookies and cream - The mint lover didn't love it. But the rest of us thought it was mintilicious.

Vanilla Vanilla - "So good I didn't share," says Fred.

Peanut Butter - Holy Moly that was good.

Aidan loved all the icing he was given, which wasn't all that much. Greedy adults.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

D. C. - Friday

Yesterday, after 2 flights, 3 Thomas The Tank Engine books, a Bob the Builder book, watching trucks and airplanes at the airport, playing with toys cars, taking a nap - thank goodness - and a lot of distraction by his mum, Aidan - and his mum and dad - arrived in D.C. We were met by Fred and went off to see Caz.

We were treated to a great Thanksgiving meal - we won't tell the American's it was a delicious roast lamb - and had a fun evening of catch-up.

Today, we went to the Museum of Natural History where Aidan seemed in awe of the stuffed elephants, lions, flying foxes, zebras and giraffes. We went to see as blue whale, a few dinosaurs and then he'd had enough.

We had a few hours to spare before we were due to go on the capitol tour so we walked to the Washington Monument, hoping the boy would take a nap. Traveling with children is very different to being without. Before we set off to walk around the monument and see Lincoln's Memorial, we put Aidan's dummy in his mouth, gave him his blankie and hoped that would be the potion for sleep. During the walk, his sleep was all we could think about, not the history.

He was just falling asleep when we got to the The Mall Carousel. But as we passed it, with its organ music piping out, he pointed at it with tears in his eyes. The fight was over. He was staying awake.
The capitol.

We finally got a family photo.

The dome.

Aidan and dad looking at the dome.

Aidan listened intently to the tour guide. Later he told me a few facts:
  • The British only lost the Revolutionary War because of the French
  • The Brits were still living it up in the US at least 7 years after the war.
  • The architect of the dome was British - the painter Italian.
After so much learning, you just need a rest.

After the tour, we met Caz at Union Station where we ate soup and cookies.
Aidan loved his cookie.