Sunday, August 29, 2010


We've tried to keep Aidan from watching too much TV and creating obsessions down to a minimum. But he does have one vice. Every now and again he finds the Thomas and Friends DVD and wants it played, or he'll point at our iPhones, where he knows there's an episode and lowers the edges of his mouth whispering choo-choo.

If he needs some alone time he'll drift off to his train table and run his trains up and down and over the wooden bridge. If he hears a real train go by, near our house his eyes light up.

So, Yesterday, when Erin and Aidan went to a garage sale, they both saw a sit-down Thomas at the same time. Erin held her breath wondering what his reaction would be. He said choo-choo and excitedly ran over to it. Erin knew when leaving that house she would be at least $2 lighter.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Last weekend we ventured up to Buckhorn State Park to go camping with Pat, Roby, Amelia and Ripley.

Getting there late after filling our bellies at Famous Daves challenged our tent-putting-up skills but with Pat's help and only a few wrong turns it was up in a surprisingly quick time - it stayed up too.

Aidan coped valiantly on the adventure, staying away from the Poison Ivy and fire pit. He went swimming, hiking and brushed his teeth after every time we grilled.

Amelia took to the lake like a duck to water. Like a rubber duck to water.

When it was time to go, Aidan got a little upset when we took down his pack n play and then tent. But he cheered but when we threw him in the back of the trolley to take everything back to the car.


Our friends Si and Kirsty, from Bolton, came over to the US with their kids, to visit their family a few weeks a ago. They popped by our place. The kids loved playing at the splash pool.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A first

The doctor asked many things the other day, but not whether Aidan had pulled his first prank.

He hadn't. But he has now.

At the Atwood Summerfest he went over to his Aunty Liz and dropped an ice cube down her back.

He then ran off and laughed. We did too.