Sunday, June 3, 2012


Tenley's been practicing her hiccups. She got so good recently I think she can now stop. Aidy and Tenley both had hiccups while they were inside Erin. And Tenley has kept them up, especially when I sit down with her for some cuddle time.

She's pretty loud with them too.

We had a different kind of hiccup on Friday evening, too.

Since we came home from the hospital Erin would start the evening with Tenley, feeding every two hours or so and then around 3 a.m. I would take over trying to help Tenley sleep and stave off her hunger as long as possible, giving Erin a few hours to sleep on her own.

But Aidan developed a fever. We gave him some medication and he went to bed but a few hours later, just as Erin and I were ready to sleep, he was up, hot and uncomfortable.

We brought him downstairs for a while, put cold cloths on his head and feet, and soothed him.  A few episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine helped, too.

The plan changed and Erin took Tenley. I took Aidan. It was man-on-man defence. Thankfully, after cluster feeding from 9 p.m. - 12 a.m. Tenley slept for four hours. I kept an eye on Aidan. He woke up a few times but all in all it could have been a lot worse.

It made for a tired Saturday but recovery is happening.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

First video

Here she is...

Eyes wide open

Up until now there have been no uploads of Tenley with open eyes, even though she has them open a lot. 

Just hold me

Remind you of anyone?

Gratuitous poop post

"There's always something to worry about with newborns, isn't there?" I said.

"Always, with your kids in general," replied Erin.

This was said with a sigh after we left the doctors this morning. We'd just been for Tenley's weigh-in and general check-up and all was well. The doctor gave the all clear this morning and relieved - in more ways than one - any concerns we had.

Tenley hadn't had a bowel movement in more than 36 hours and we were a little worried. Not least for our sense of smell. She'd been passing gas like she'd been eating baked beans wrapped in brussel sprouts. And the smell was eye-scorching but she had nothing to show for it. Whether we were making it up or not, I don't know, but she seemed to be uncomfortable during the night, too.

So that was the worry we took to the doctors with us.

With Aidan, there was a lot more to worry about - a traumatic birth, not nursing, jaundice and losing more than 12 percent of his birth weight in the first week. I guess that set us a little edgy for Tenley.

Anyway, the doctor looked her over, weighed her, smiled, gave her a rectal exam and the relief, literally, flowed out of her (It was like the doctor pressed a button). We were never happier to see a full stinky nappy.

The doctor said it was usual and after a few more questions and answers sent us on our merry way.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Tenley's first Thursday

Thursday was a day of rest for Tenley. She slept through most of it.  Maybe this counts for a fussy night.