Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tenley - Day 2

Tenley had her first few visitors yesterday. 

First, was Aidan who's handling going from only child to big brother really well. He's offered Tenley his favorite pillow and dummy and he also keeps bringing her some of his toy pets and places them in her moses basket.

Having said this, he was asked what she's like yesterday, and he answered, "She cries and cries and cries." Also, when he was in the hospital room with us, his energy levels and volume seemed to multiply at the same time that our energy levels and tolerance decreased. He's been a bit more teary and needy than usual. But he seems to be handling being a big brother like the big boy he is.

Along with Aidan, came Erin's sister, Robyn, and her 8 week old son, Frankie. It was like little and large. That 8 weeks has gone a long way and I doubt Tenley will ever catch up to the stature of Frankie. But we'll see.

Then cam uncle Pat and Amelia. Matt and Liz brought their brood later in the day, and today we've seen Heather, our Doula, and her son Noah, as well as Angela, Tyler and their baby girl.

As well as people saying "isn't she a cutie" we're also getting, "Wow look at her hair." This takes into account all the heartburn Erin had during this and the last pregnancy. Apparently, there's been a recent study saying there's a link to the pain and the amount of hair a newborn comes out with. Aidan came out with lots of dark hair but Tenley has topped the boy.

Tenley is now sleeping a lot, eating a lot, loves being swaddled and hates being changed.

Don't you just love tiny wrinkles?

We left hospital around noon yesterday. All the tests she had to have were the right result and we were glad to get home.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tenley Jane Waller

Tenley Jane Waller came into the world on Sunday night at 6:58, May 27, 2012.

She's beautiful.

We don't need to go into too much detail about the labor except that things went slow for a while, then got a little worrying when the contractions came - Tenley's heart-rate kept dropping - but after some great coaching from our doula and the nurses, Erin heroically turned things around and had a natural birth.

Here are some early shots:

A few moments after birth

Weighing in at 7 pounds 12 ounces

She's got him wrapped around her fingers 

Just let me sleep for a while

She has a loud cry, likes to eat, and is very alert when awake. She looks around at everyone. And I swear she smiled at me this morning.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Aidan at 3 and a half

Here's what Aidan's up to and saying at the moment:

We had a recent parent teacher conference at Aidan's daycare.  We were told that he is very much loved by his teachers and has quite a few good friends - Mckenna, Sophie, Brady and Jack.

He has his own words for things like 'sheener' for Machine. He loves looking at sheeners.

He also says things like, "I want to do it by own myself." (And he often wants to do things on his own, by himself at the moment).

He loves mopping and sweeping. He actually loves to have any 'job to-do' including being the 'line leader', 'door holder' and will pretty much do anything if you say you have a job for him.

He started using made up words, particularly in response to his mommy and daddy. 'Okay Teetee' or 'Hello Kaka'.

He's learned some bad words from school, too - pee and poo. He knows he shouldn't say them and when asked the other day if he'd said one of them, he answered, "No, daddy. I don't say pee-pee, poo-poo, or you shud-uppa-your-face."

He loves to sing, especially to CDs in the car. His favorite that he knows all of the words to - after one time listening is called 'Cars and Trucks.' It's fitting. He loves chasing tucks on the way to school, especially when he and daddy have been sneeky and taken mummy's car - he thinks that's very funny.

He also has a collection of 'friends' which include 4 kittens - Guli, Andran, Trinity and Uza. Petty and Jacob were the original ones. They're dogs. He also a deer who sometimes gets called a giraffe.

Olbrich Gardens

It's Memorial Day Weekend and Pat, Roby and the family are over so yesterday we took a trip round the corner to Olbrich Gardens.

Amelia spots the water

Shall we splash your daddy or my daddy?

Olbrich what?

What's in there?

Come back!

An afternoon with the McFarland clan

We went to play with Aidan's cousins last weekend. With a cook-out, races, a paddling pool and lots of smiles.

Happy Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, Aidan and I bought Erin a news lens. Here are some photos from recent shoots.

Daddy's little helper

Aidan told me the other the day that what he really loved about me was, "working with you, daddy."

I asked him what he meant and he said, "You know, with tools and in the garden."

Every little helps

Left a bit, right a bit.

He also loves weeding. Well, he loves putting all the leaves in the wheel barrow, taking it over to the pile. Glad he does. It saves my back.

Fred and Caz come to town

Fred and Caz visited the other week. It was a full weekend as my Facebook status showed:

Landmark 1850 - Spotted Cow, burgers, Milwaukee drive-by tour, farmer's market - cheese curds, spicy cheese bread, morels, gourds, 3 shot coffee, cinnamon rolls, Capitol roof top view of Madison, home for lunch - brats and salad, the Union Terrace - Ice cream, a Major Tom, Gala event at the Capitol, Malt House, Mickey's Dairy Bar, Olbrich Gardens, then a lazy rainy afternoon. Good times ... we saved the deep fried cheese curds for next time.

No, you're not supposed to keep all that spicy cheese bread all for yourself, Fred

Thumbs up for picnic point - that's you too, Aidan

Fred and Caz mixing with Madison's finest

A fun night

The double pancake challenge


Welcome to the Family Frankie

Franklyn - Frankie - Higgins was born to Pat and Robyn a few weeks ago.

A family portrait

It's not that bad, Frankie

The older kids take looking after to Frankie very seriously