Friday, April 30, 2010

Obsessions and Curiosities

Balls that bounce are the best but he isn't picky. Little ones and big ones are all the same to this little guy.

His non-jump. He has good form and will get in this pose the minute you say 'jump!' A curiosity I would call this one.
The cat. The cat that attacks. The cat that hisses and scowls. So very interesting. Luckily she has been de-clawed.

Easter bunnies

Cousin Amelia's Baptism

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I've just put Aidan down to sleep and Erin's out. So, here's an update about the boy:

He's not only walking, but now goes to one specific area of our lounge and tries to jump. Sometimes he gets off the ground with one foot, sometimes he gets off the ground with two, either way, very often, he takes a little tumble.

He's now telling us several stories at one time. Unfortunately we don't always understand a word.

When he does use English to speak, he says dog, dad, mum, down, and choo choo train (honest he says choo choo train).

He loves giggling at his mum doing funny things like making a cottage cheese container falling off her head - he can't get enough of that.

He loves his wooden train set and micro machines. It took a while to stop wrecking the train set every time his dad creatively set it up, but now he seems happy with the way it's been built.

He's an outdoors boy. Playgrounds, picnics and sunshine hep to make a perfect day.

He plays the harmonica and recorder very well. And if he hears a dance beat, there's no stoppng the grooves and moves.

He goes to bed at 7 and wakes up any time between 6 -7. Sometimes there'll be a few murmurs around 4-5. But more often than not he'll put himself back to sleep.

When he's happy, life is great. When the teething monster or cold ghoul creeps in, it can be tough.

He's currently enjoying helping mum and dad pick out a house. He'll walk around and let us know what he does and doesn't like about the place.

Friday, April 9, 2010