Saturday, July 30, 2011

Best friends and more - a rare post from Mom

At Olbrich Gardens' park on Friday, Aidan quickly joined a group of kids playing at the slides. When asked his name he replied smartly "Aidy!" The boy wasn't sure of his name and asked again.

Aidan replied loudly "Aidy Don Wadder!"

He then chose the youngest one, probably about 6 mo. his junior and followed her around saying "she my best friend". The little girl didn't really mind having a new shadow but also didn't seem to respond with as much enthusiasm. When the group of kids left he was devastated, "me too, me too" he told me as I tried to bundle him up for our trip back home.

Later on the weekend we were at the beach and he saw an older boy playing with a dump truck. He told me, "He my best friend, dat boy." He then went over to him and started playing. As we were leaving he told me again that the boy was his best friend.

Other things about Aidan at the moment:

*He told me today that he got pushed and that is why he has an owie. I asked him who pushed him and he replied "Claire did." He hasn't seen Claire for 2 months. Hmmm...

*Who is Peter Rabbit's best friend? "Batman!"

*Favorite breakfast- waffles with butter and some "sur-ip"

*Aidan loves hooks and especially "Creaky Cranky" from Thomas the Train. If he picks something up off the floor he acts like his arm is a crane and slowly picks it up with his "hook".

*Chase me Mama! is heard every day.

*Who is Aidan's best friend? "Sophie"

*How old is Aidy? "Aidy Don Wadder!"

*How many times can Aidan jump from the dock into Daddy's arms in the lake? I lost count.

Overall Aidan is a good boy.

At the picnic outside of Olbrich a table of rowdy girls kept Aidan's attention. He whispered to me 'Mama, dose girls are naughty."

He will walk when told to as we walk down a pier. I do need to remind him every other step.

He goes in the bath when told to, after getting all of his trains and cars to join him.

He goes to bed when it is time, although he does stay up and chat to himself for an hour or so.

He says 'puleeeaase' and 'sorry' a lot.

And he loves kisses and cuddles. Although this morning he did tell me he wanted 'Ipeam (icecream) followed by buckets of tears on the kitchen floor when I said no.

Iphone, my phone and mummy's phone

I'm not known for not losing stuff, or randomly making mistakes every now and again - OK, more often than the average mistake maker.

And today I got to the office and put my phone down on the desk. I switched my computer on, stood up and put my phone on the desk again. Except there were now two phones on the desk.

Yep, I'd taken Erin's as well as mine.

I thought it through and came to the conclusion that Erin could cope without it, work out that I'd still got it from when she gave it to me last night and I'd drop it off back home for her at lunch.

Which is exactly what happened. Except when I rolled up in the driveway Aidy was playing in the sand pit.

He said, "Daddy," with a big beaming smile. Then the smile quickly wiped away and his brow furrowed. He followed up with, "Daddy take mummy's phone."

And as I raised it up to show him and mummy, we all laughed and cheered.

I think it's the first time he's communicated something from something he's picked up, without being prompted.

Glad I could be the source of another first.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bedtime stories

On Saturday night, I took Aidy to bed. We were at Grandma and Papas. So he took some trucks and cars, and I took some books.

He was sleeping in a borrowed "Cars" bed, which he loves, but as it's small and low I thought we should read on the "big bed" before we he went to sleep in the small and low bed - purely and simply so I didn't have a bad back for the rest of the night.

We read a Thomas the Train book, then a fish book and then a truck book. All while he intermittently looked at the pictures and played with his trucks.

I then said, "one more book." I got off the bed and moved towards the smaller bed and got ready to read Goodnight Moon. It took me less than 30 seconds. It took Aidy five minutes as he wanted to move all his trucks and cars to the side of his "Cars" bed - there's a reason we don't usually allow cars and trucks in his bed.

He then asked for the fish book, and after that, the "Tommy book".

Not great.

Anyway, anything for a quiet life, I read them then got out The Blankie book. As you've probably guessed it's about a boy who takes his blankie everywhere.

Aiday saw this and said "Blankie...that one yellow...mine one blue one... mine new... got it from garage sale."

His is blue but it's far from new and it was given to him at birth, not, unlike many of his trucks and cars, bought from a garage sale. I just smiled and read on.

Last night I put him to bed and could tell he wasn't going to go down. I gave him a goodnight kiss but he saw this as time to cry rather than a sign to calm down. I left the room with him shouting, "No daddy. Daddy sleep here, Daaaaddddddeeeyyyyy."

After 5 minutes or so, which is far longer than it usually takes him to calm down, I went back up to him. He instantly chirped up and said, "Daddy sleep next to Aidy." When I said no he said, "milk?"

I got him some milk then told him he had to go "Night night" and daddy had to do something outside. "Outside?" he said. And I answered "Yes, to fix the lawnmower."

No sooner as the "L" left my lips I knew it was the wrong thing to say. He shot bolt upright and said, "Aidy help. Aidy help daddy." I said no, but this didn't stop him. "Aidy help fix lawnmower, Aidy fix it. I got screwdriver," he said, as he made a twisting hand gesture.

I left the room with him calm. But 10 minutes later Erin had to go to him as he was shouting at the window ledge to me in the garage, "Daddy fix it, Daddy and Aidy fix lawnmower."

She told him he could help tomorrow, and as he was so tired that seemed to calm him down.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sophie's birthday weekend

Aidy and I missed the party at Pump It Up. I was designated nap-putter-downer-er. Thankfully. Aidy made up for it when we got to Sophie's house for the birthday meal - and slip and slide.

Ok, so the kids prefered to pool part to the slide part.