Thursday, April 12, 2012

Get the @£$% to sleep

At the moment, I can see why this book was written. Aidan's been pretty good at going upstairs and going to sleep.  We have a routine. We brush his teeth, (maybe run around the living room and the dining room for a little bit), run upstairs, read two books, make up two stories and then he puts himself to sleep after around 5- 10 minutes or so.

But recently, after we've said goodnight and gone downstairs, he's been getting out of bed and caling for mummy, daddy or mummydaddy.

He stands at the top of the stars and usually says a one liner. Here are a few:

"I need more milk."

"Where's Peti and Jacob?" (His stuffed dogs - they are usually next to his pillow when we go back to his bed)

"Is it really bedtime?"

"It's not dark yet.  It's nearly dark but not dark, yet."

Playing with his fingers, "I can't do a heart shape."

"Is everybody asleep?"

"Where's my London friend Evan?"

"Have you got big feet and I've got little feet?"

"Where's the moon tonight?"

"I'm not going to sleep, yet. Going to wait to see my baby sister." (She's not due for 8 weeks).

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter morning

Erin and Aidan spent Easter weekend visiting Roby, Pat, Amelia and their new addition, Frankie.

The bunny has delivered

What's at the door?

Can't contain the excitement


Here's Aidan during the last weekend we visited grandma Jane.  It was halfway between Winter and Spring in Amery.