Sunday, January 30, 2011

Aidan at 2 years, 1 month

We haven't sat down and wrote what the boy's up to for a while. So here's a list:

As soon as he turned 2 he seemed to latch on to words. He still speaks long wah-wah sentences but now ends these with an understandable word or two.

No has entered his vocabulary - a bit too often.

He loves riding on his Big Red Push-Car. And other favorites include his toy car park, train-set, and shopping trolley.

He recognises most farm animals, shapes, body parts and different vehicles. And shouts out when he sees them.

He's started eating better with pancakes, butter and syrup being a breakfast favorite - of course. He even helps out when making it. He likes spicier food - but we're skeptical at giving him too much.

He goes swimming on Thursday evenings. Well, he splashes in the right places when it comes to the actions during all the songs we sing.

He's started singing along to at least the first few lines of nursery rhymes.

He likes to zip his footie PJs up and down, pretends he is a 'big scary monster' a little too much and still loves to chase around as much as possible. He has become somewhat bossy when we stop out of exhaustion and he points at us to 'Go!' and giggles with anticipation of the next chase.

His sleep has become much better in the last two years, sleeping-in sometimes until 8.30 (hallelula!) and with hardly a peep overnight. Unless of course he has a tooth or two bothering him. Then we know it will be a disrupted night. Luckily he has a lot now so we hope the worst is over. He goes to sleep at 7pm like clockwork and has only occasionally refused a nap.

Fun in the snow

Winter doesn't always provide great photos. But yesterday it was warm enough to go outside, slide, build snow-people and have fun.

Aidan at his playful best.

Great idea to slide into the snow, mum.

Daddy, mummy and baby snow-people. Twigs for arms and smiles, leaves from shrubs for eyebrows and berries for eyes.

Walking to find the ducks who didn't fly south.

Happy birthday Amelia

While in Wausau we celebrated Amelia's first birthday. She loved her party.

Great birthday dress.

The 1st of many to come.
Aidan, it's Amelia's cake.

Winter ice cream

We went up to Wausau for new year and visited the local art gallery. Aidan breezed past the art pretty quickly but loved serving everyone at the faux ice cream parlor.

I hope these guys tip well.

You want more, mum?

There you go.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas

Every year we the De Vos family take a Christmas photo. The family's getting bigger and bigger and the picture's getting more difficult to take. The best strategy is to sit down, smile and don't expect perfection.