Thursday, November 17, 2011

Give me an A!

Aidan was in the bath the other night and I started saying, "Give me an A!"

He just looked at me.

I carried on and by the second A he repeated what I was saying and said "Give me an A!" back to me.

I explained that when I shout give me an A or I or D or A or N, he should just shout the letter back to me.

We tried again and he was very good.

After a high five, he said, "Daddy, give me A!"

I did.

Then he said, "Give me I,"

I did.

He carried on,"Give me O, Give me P,"

I wondered where he was going with this.

Then he said, "Give me 2, 6, 9."

"What do I have?" he looked at me cheekily.


Yes, he did have daddy. He had daddy in fits of laughter.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The 12:10 London to Nottingham

Aidan loves trains. After enjoying being on the underground, we fed his addiction from London to Nottingham, looking out for others going the opposite direction.

I'm not sure which is best seeing all these trains or British chocolate

Searching for trains at the station

Wow, this is heaven

Sleep? Not me

Makeshift binoculars

Hampstead Heath

Katie and Lynden live in Hampstead Heath. It was great for Aidan to get an out see the ducks, drink his first hot chocolate, and of course, play in the play areas.

Aidan and Evan

After Wales we went to London, staying with katie, Lynden and Aidan's new best friend, Evan.

They read together

Ate together

Watched Telly together

And fished in the bath together

The godfather

The trip coincided with Si being in the UK. We couldn't have him break his run of 5 or so consecutive bunkhouses.

Godfather and godson just before a beardy hug.

The Welsh cottage

We upgraded this year from the usual bunkhouse to a cottage. A few less people than usual came but we had the same amount of food, walks and laughter.

The cottage

The view
The girls

The cave

The food (and Andrea)

The flights

Apart from having to rush back home and to get Aidan's meds which we left in the fridge, getting on the first flight in the nick of time, the two flights to the UK were relatively painless.

He loved the first "little" plane. And was a little too excited to go to sleep on the second. When he did he took over mummy and day's seats. But seeing as he slept from 8pm to 11am his first night in the UK, we can forgive him.