Sunday, December 18, 2011

First snow

When we awoke yesterday morning it had snowed, dispelling all worries that we wouldn't have a white Christmas.

Our house

Scoop and Aidan will dig out the snow.

Sometime you just have to do it manually

But scoop did help, too, honest.

American Family Holidays Breakfast

We went to my work's annual Holidays breakfast a few saturdays ago. The kids love it, get to meet Santa and Bucky and get tattoos.

I want Creaky Cranky Crane...

And Neville (and anything else related to Thomas the Tank Engine.)

Snowmen became the theme of the day

On his cheek, hands, and surrounding him

Bucky Badger (the local college mascot) came too

Olbrich Gardens train exhibition

Aidan's never happier than when he's with trains. We took him to this exhibition for the third year in row. Let's call it a tradition. I wonder when he'll grow out of it and won't want to go anymore.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Milwaukee Children's Museum

Visiting MCM Aidan enjoyed the grocery store but loved the vehicles.

Can he fix it? Yes he can!

He drives us crazy.

Hey driver. Watch out for the weird guy at the back.

Falling in Fall

The annual falling in leaves picture taken just after we got back from the UK.

Surprise firefighters

All was normal when Railton and Ruben visited Nan's house, until a fire engine turned up outside. They were going to teach the school children across the street about Nov. 5th but were willing to let two eager kids have their own private tour first. (Sorry about the pictures. The camera was acting up)


Back in Bolton, Aidan enjoyed the on-loan toys and built a huge tower with Nan. It ended taller than him.

Center Parcs - visitors

Owen and Josephine came to visit Aidy at Center Parcs. Aidan wasn't well but we all enjoyed watching cartoons together- some, or one, more than others.

Center Parcs' park

Aidan had a fab time in the pool on the Saturday morning before being struck down by a Hand, Foot and Mouth induced fever.

He tentatively took on the toddler slides then felt confident enough to graduate to the bigger ones, which everyone thought he'd tackle with his dad.

All except his dad.

I knew he'd want to go on his own. And thought I'd made it clear to grandad who was at the bottom ready to catch him. Or supposed to be. Thankfully grandad's reactions were quick enough to catch Aidy, even though he was taken by surprise.

After an afternoon nap, Aidy enjoyed the park.

Unfortunately, the poor lad was more or less wiped out for the rest of the weekend after this. The fever hit him pretty hard.

England part 2- Center Parcs

We met up with Grandad and Nan at Nottingham Center Parcs. Aidy and Grandad enjoyed a thrilling game of flick the car across the table just before dinner.

Learning the technique

Just watch, Grandad.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Give me an A!

Aidan was in the bath the other night and I started saying, "Give me an A!"

He just looked at me.

I carried on and by the second A he repeated what I was saying and said "Give me an A!" back to me.

I explained that when I shout give me an A or I or D or A or N, he should just shout the letter back to me.

We tried again and he was very good.

After a high five, he said, "Daddy, give me A!"

I did.

Then he said, "Give me I,"

I did.

He carried on,"Give me O, Give me P,"

I wondered where he was going with this.

Then he said, "Give me 2, 6, 9."

"What do I have?" he looked at me cheekily.


Yes, he did have daddy. He had daddy in fits of laughter.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The 12:10 London to Nottingham

Aidan loves trains. After enjoying being on the underground, we fed his addiction from London to Nottingham, looking out for others going the opposite direction.

I'm not sure which is best seeing all these trains or British chocolate

Searching for trains at the station

Wow, this is heaven

Sleep? Not me

Makeshift binoculars

Hampstead Heath

Katie and Lynden live in Hampstead Heath. It was great for Aidan to get an out see the ducks, drink his first hot chocolate, and of course, play in the play areas.

Aidan and Evan

After Wales we went to London, staying with katie, Lynden and Aidan's new best friend, Evan.

They read together

Ate together

Watched Telly together

And fished in the bath together

The godfather

The trip coincided with Si being in the UK. We couldn't have him break his run of 5 or so consecutive bunkhouses.

Godfather and godson just before a beardy hug.

The Welsh cottage

We upgraded this year from the usual bunkhouse to a cottage. A few less people than usual came but we had the same amount of food, walks and laughter.

The cottage

The view
The girls

The cave

The food (and Andrea)

The flights

Apart from having to rush back home and to get Aidan's meds which we left in the fridge, getting on the first flight in the nick of time, the two flights to the UK were relatively painless.

He loved the first "little" plane. And was a little too excited to go to sleep on the second. When he did he took over mummy and day's seats. But seeing as he slept from 8pm to 11am his first night in the UK, we can forgive him.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Going (well, gone) to the zoo

A few weeks ago, as mentioned in a previous post, we went to Milwaukee Zoo. Here's a clip I put together of the animals we saw and fun we had.

Peter Rabbit visits our place

We've read Peter Rabbit to Aidan. We have rabbits in our back garden. They've "enjoyed" the fruits of our labour this summer. So this seemed the logical next step.

Starring Erin and Aidan as Erin and Aidan.
Sophie and Allie as Sophie and Allie.
The dad's voice played by (and is) Jason Waller.

Inspired by Beatrix Potter and the many rabbits who jump around our back garden.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Daycare day 3

An email conversation explains it all...

Hi Julie and Heidi, this is Aidan's mother, Erin. I just wanted to let you know that this morning was tough getting him up and ready for school. The first day was easy and after that it's not been the same!

I'm sure he will get used to it eventually. I'll be picking him up today and should be there around 5pm. Jason picked up someone else's report card last Thursday, Caiden's, and we didn't get feedback on how his day was but he looked completely wiped out.

If you can remember his day last Thursday it would be good to hear the highlights as it is still early in the transition.

Thank you and have a great day!

Hi Erin,
Jason and I touched base a bit this morning. Sorry about the daily sheet mix up! Between 4:30 and 5 is the busiest time at Little Explorers with lots of transitions taking place amongst the children. Jason took home last Thursday's sheet this morning but from what I remember he had a great day once he transitioned into the day. Full of smiles and very interactive. Hopefully, that is why he was wiped out. He does wake up groggy so he may not be getting as good of a quality nap as he is used to at home. Today he was sad at drop off but bounced back moments after Jason left. Jason did a great job of giving hugs and kisses and leaving without much fuss. That will help Aidan acclimate much easier to the new routine. Aidan played great with the other kids today and enjoyed our apple art project. He did mention you and Dad several times and does not like seeing other children upset for any reason. That is mostly when he has been coming up to me asking about you two. Playing and learning a new routine is hard work for any two year old and I think Aidan is doing just fantastic! We enjoy his warm personality and I am sure he will eventually take to the idea of "Repeat" visits to school. Rest assured his hesitance seems to last just a few minutes in the morning. If it should worsen or if we become concerned, I will certainly let you know right away. Thanks for checking in and we will see you tonight!
-Ms. Julie

Sunday, September 18, 2011


The week before Aidy started at Little Explorers I swapped my day off and took Tuesday instead of Friday. He looked after me the whole day and showed me his usual Tuesday highlight.

It didn't get much better than that, other than looking for it again on our travels. We saw it two more times.

Sunday roast pizza

Last Sunday we unexpectedly had Sophie and Allie over. They were put to work in the kitchen very quickly. Not sure Gordon Ramsey eats half the cheese he's cooking with, though.

Aidy's PJs

When Aidy was born, he was given some positively prim and proper PJs from possibly our most prim and proper pals. We thought he'd never grow into them. But now he has and thankfully he loves them.

Thanks Fred and Caz

Labor Day - part 2

Here's a catch-up post. The afternoon after a few of us went to see the steam show, we met up with Matt and Liz and their kids at Seth's and before stuffing our faces with burgers, brats and corn, we went to the park.

The big kids


The other kids