Friday, January 22, 2010

12 month check up

Erin and I took Aidan for his 12 month check up today. The nurse and doctor checked him out. The nurse lay him on the table, measured his head, his length and weight. And the doctor got his smile-oscope out and checked his heartbeat, then he got other instruments out which he didn't give fun names and checked his ears and eyes and asked us a lot of questions. All was fine. He's dropped a little on the percentile with his weight but the doc said it was nothing to be concerned about.

Erin had to go to work after half an hour which coincided with Aidan having to have 5 injections. Now, this young man is getting an independent personality of his own and he did not want to lie down. But the nurse just said if I laid him down she would hold his legs. I held his arms and she got the injections in as quick as a flash. Within 30 seconds it was all done. There were some tears and a droopy lip but after he was helped up, with his blanket in hand it was as if nothing had happened.

He's not necessarily been the happiest camper this afternoon but he's now tucked up in bed sleeping the after effects off.

Sleep Well, Aidy-boy.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

First day at daycare

Yesterday Aidan spent his first full day at daycare.

A text to Erin summed up my day:

"I can't wait for 5 o clock. I miss my boy."

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good times

Yesterday was fun. After I picked Aidan up from daycare and he'd had a nap, we spent the afternoon at home giggling. His favourite part was putting his socks in my mouth and letting out the loudest laugh. Then he'd run away, come back and put them in again.

Time flies when you're doing this.

He made more use of his corner cupboard den too. Erin and I have a plan to make him a future noble prize winner by putting a poster of the periodic table in there. Admittedly, he completely ignores it and spent most of yesterday afternoon in there just ripping up a cardboard box and polystyrene.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1st post of the year - at last

I wouldn't say life has exactly calmed down yet, but the whirlwind of change is now fluttering at a breeze. Enough, at least, for me to sit and write a post while Aidan is taking his nap.

This is going to be the last week Aidan and I are together as a daily team. I start work next week and Aidan starts full time daycare. He attended a few afternoon sessions last week and has been this morning. I'm sure the transition will be a lot easier for him than me.

Anyway, I thought I'd blog every day this week on our last few weekdays together.

Yesterday we both attended our first 2 year old's birthday together. N's dad M, who we both met at a library reading group, invited us and we had a great time. Everyone commented on what a great a eater Aidan was, probably because he was eating pizza, fries, and cake, which he has had very little of in his young life.

The party was at Chucky Cheese's a huge restaurant/amusement arcade designed for toddlers. It was crazy and massively overwhelmly chock full of kids. It took the little lad a about half an hour to get into it but once he'd had his food he was ready for the slides, rides and meeting new kids.

After the party Aidan took a long nap, then we Skyped Granddad and Nan in the UK. He kept them entertained and gave them a crawling tour of our new apartment.

After that he decided to continue in his search for new places to hang out in our place. He found the corner store cupboard. And after a few grunts and groans he got the door open, went back for his blanket and in between a few book readings with dad he made it his new den.

After this he splattered his shirt with spaghetti, sorry, ate his spaghetti, then took a bath. Bath-time was full of splashing fun with a game of bath-ketball thrown in for good measure.